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Ultrasonic needle straighthen machine
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REVIEW£ºStraightening operation usually consists in achieving the designed shape of a metallic component or structure...

Ultrasonic needle straighthen machine

Product details

Straightening operation usually consists in achieving the designed shape of a metallic component or structure.
This operation could be done using heavy load pressing machines. when a distorsion is observed after a machining or a chemical process, to achieve with precision the curvature of a part by compring it to the jig, The most common tool is a simple peen hammer.Using such a tool implies a long process time, and could cause musculo-skeleton diseases for the operators.

In france ,Ultrasonic Needle Straigthening technique has been adapted.Otherwise, it is a proven and reliable alternative of the peen hammer, with less impact for the operator. Ultrasonic Straightening process principle following:Needles guided inside the peening head acquire velocity on the vibrating sonotrode and shock the metal to treat. A compressive stress layer is created on the surface. The difference of stresses between the surface and the core of the metal sheet result in a sheet curvature modification. By peening on the appropriate areas, one could adjust the part shape to its objective (jig). Efficient process control, quick and easy-to-use tooling make this new technique popular.

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