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Ultrasonic Machining Equipment
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REVIEW£ºUltrasonic machining, a special machining technology, puts high ultrasonic vibration (frequency at 20-50KHZ) on cutter and make cutter along the direction of cutting...

Ultrasonic Machining Equipment

Product details

Ultrasonic machining, a precision machining technology, has been used in the machining of these hard materials which show exceptional cutting strength and low thermal conductivity, and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, pressure and high temperature. In addition, ultrasinic machining is a promising machining method for hard machining because of its high machining stability. This technique is widely used to produce high quality mirror-surface finished products in recent advanced technological applications to meet all aspects of growing markets. This technique results in cleaner handling, a noticeable reduction of deep cracks in the material, the reduction of machining steps and the elimination of electrode machining which in turn reduces the cutting cost, avoids wastage and improves product quality



2.1 Low machining force, about 1/10 to 1/3 of conventional machining force.
2.2 High machining accuracy, depends on the machine precision,and geometric tolerance of workpiece close to machine tool%27s precision.
2.3 Low machining temperature, workpiece keep in a room temperature state.
2.4 No built-up edge, No burr, Little deformation.
2.5 Low roughness of cutting surface, reach Ra0.2 below, close to the theoretical roughness.
2.6 The rigid change of processing components, compared with common machining, equivalent to improve the rigid.
2.7 Machining stably, effectively eliminate the chatter.
2.8 Machining tool durability improves from several times to dozen of times.
2.9 Processing surface is under compressive stress, extending the workpiece fatigue strength  wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.



Ultrasonic machining can be widely used in areospace, war industry, hard and brittle materials machining, etc.

3.1 Machining difficult-to-machine materials: such as heat resistant steel, titanium alloy, constant modulus alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, cast iron, engineering ceramic, composite material  granite etc..
3.2 Machining hardened steel and superhard parts,ultrasonic can achieve high accuracy and high quality surface, even machining hardened steel over HRC60 easily, such as high speed steel paper, bearing steel, etc.; Machining hard alloy with PCD tool can greatly improve the durability of tools.
3.3 Forming machining: machining all types of curved surface, sphere, transition radii, conical surface with molding cutting tool.
3.4 Machining slender bars and thin walled parts.
3.5 Machining superfine diameter parts.

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